Thursday, 19 August 2010

Tie Dye DIY's aren't as easy as I thought.


Recycled Cardigan
I was browsing around this morning when I noticed something quite awesome, these lovely £30 skinnies by Henry Holland (♥) are pretty much like mine!! And the amazing thing is that they cost exactly the same price, which is a bargain ♥
though it's not the same colour and mine has more studded details you can totally see that mine was pretty inspired by this one!

Khaki Biker Detail Skinny Jean

blog fashion

Knee detail // détail du genou

blog fashion

Front pocket studs // détails des poches avant

blog fashion

Back Pocket details // détails des poches arrières

blog fashion

Pressure Buttons on the Seams // boutons pression

The Jeans are from Americanino an Italian brand I think.

These days there is nothing much to do, except be sick, have a fever, do your English homework, study for 4 hour long Friday afternoon exams and whine about how you stubbed your toe in the corner of the door.
Yes it's the souther hemisphere melancholia.




So last Saturday since I luckily had a 3 day weekend, the girls & I decided to go out to AVANTT CLUB @ Voodoo, the night started off with me cooking (failing to cook) Risotto & Vale making cocktails (she's has a gift at making them up). After a few hours we headed out the the club, which to our surprise was TOTALLY crammed since they still hadn't open the dance floor. We saw a few friends chatted and all, but I think that night though fun at times did have boring moments I'd rather have not had. Any-ways here are a few pictures! Enjoy!


Samedi dernier j'ai eu la chance d'avoir un weekend de 3 jours, alors les filles et moi sommes sorties a AVANTT CLUB au Voodoo, la nuit a commencé par un petit repas que j'ai concocté pour les filles (du Risotto raté) et Vale qui nous a fait des cocktails (elle a un vrai dont pour les inventer a partir de ce qu'il y a dans le frigo). Après quelques heures nous sommes donc parties au club, qui a notre surprise était TOTALEMENT bourré de monde car ils n'avaient toujours pas ouvert la salle de danse. Nous avons donc vu quelques amis, parlés un peux, en tout la nuit était assez bien mais il y avait malgré tout des moments ennuyeux dont j'aurai pu me passer.
Enfin trêve de bavardage voici quelques photos!


Vale the Barmaid // Notre Barmaid préférée .


Juli the model // Juli la modèle .



I have to say they look totally vain here but we were actually making fun of those
L'Oréal advertisements // Elles ont l'air trop vaniteuses la mais on se moquait juste
des pubs L'Oréal "parce que je le vaut bien".



This final pic is to thank Esteban Ferrari who was bored like us and managed
to bring us up the the VIP lounge, Gracias! // Cette photo finale est pour remercier Esteban Ferrari qui était aussi ennuyé que nous
et nous a fait monter a la section VIP, Merci!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Love The Way You Lie

I haven't listened to a song by Eminem for at least 8 years, but this is
pretty awesome concidering some of the really bad songs he made.
Plus it's not AT all my kind of music, but oh well I tried downloading the album, it was pretty good, a lot softer than his old stuff with lots of singing and not rapping, so yeah i'd say this gets a 3.9/5 stars :)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

life of the PARTY

Awesomeness via TheCobraSnake

Monday, 2 August 2010


Here are a few photos I took last Saturday (31.07) while I was out with Vale of Postcards of a Fashionista and her friends. It was quite a good night the club wasn't too full to begin with but ended up being completely submerged by all the people dancing in the main room, which made groups like us stay in the corridors.
But that gave me a great chance to snap a few pics of random fashionable strangers!


Voici quelques photos que j'ai prise Samedi dernier (31.07) lorsque j'été dehors avec Vale du blog Postcards of a Fashionista et ses amis. C'était pas mal, considèrent que le club n'était pas trop plein pour débuter mais vers la fin vu qu'il commençait a déborder de gens qui dansaient (enfin plutôt sautaient) dans la salle principale, les groupes comme le notre devaient rester dans les couloirs. Mais en regardant les choses du bon côté sa ma donné la chance de prendre quelques photos d'inconnus très stylés!