Monday, 29 November 2010


We all know Christmas time is about gifts but it's not all about us girls, it's also about the lads. If you personally think your boyfriend (brother or even you) could be a model with his gorgeous bone structure (or something) but unfortunately he dresses like a 50 year old man (and I don't mean it in the George Clooney way) this is for you!

If you've been checking out my previous selections you'll notice I didn't pay much attention to price but since this is for Christmas I will. So I'm going to give you a few ideas of what any of your male friends should incorporate into their closets this season, without spending too much but still looking dapper.
We'll just skip the T-Shirt, Cardigan and Jumper section because by now they should know how to wear these "essentials" (at least I hope so).

1. ASOS Bique Button Polo Shirt 20€
2. River Island Button Placket Polo Shirt 22€

Polo shirts are probably the most common Christmas gift for guys (or maybe it's wallets and video games). Here are a 3 things to pay attention to when shopping for Polo: the tightness around the arms, the shoulder length, the chest length. Because if your guy has muscles all these 3 might not be right. REMEMBER never let him put the collar up or else he'll just seem like an idiot or a douche bag. Who want's that?

1. ASOS Square Collar Slim Fit Shirt 22.50€
2. ASOS Slim Fit Shirt 22.50€

4. ASOS Laundered Check Shirt 31€
5. Jack & Jones Golden Shirt 31€

When looking for shirts try to avoid the ones with big front pockets (unless it's for plaid shirts) because they tend look like something your dad would wear. And double check for the size (arms and chest).

1. ASOS Acid Wash Jogger 37€
2. ASOS Skinny Fit Carrot Jeans 45€
If your boy is the kind to love the baggies or really low low (I can see your underwear) kind of pants this is for them. It gives them the comfort without being indecent! I personally love "Carrot" pants because they look great (only for men or girls with no ass like me) without too much effort and can be either casual or dressy (with a shirt and a blazer). The fact of the matter is that it's not easy to choose a pair of jeans for someone else and this option is safer for the sizing.

1. ASOS Baseball Hooded Jacket 45€
2. ASOS Baseball Hooded Jacket 50€

One last element that's just a plus and a personal favourite are baseball jackets but in a way they only seem suitable in Europe as they don't have the jock connotation that come with them unlike in the states.

These options might not suit everybody so I'll probably do another post later on this month or the next with a different line of clothes. But I hope these options were useful and cheap enough.

You might wonder why I always use well it's probably because it's the easiest site to search, the design is simple and there aren't any adds which I love. So if you do buy something remember all ASOS brand products have a 20% reduction with the code ASOS20 when you check out!


Lux Cassidy played by Britt Robertson is the main character of the CW's new show Life Unexpected.
I've been watching this since it came out and really I have to say it's the most original show the CW has to offer. The characters are fun, alternative and seem way more natural that 90210's or Gossip Girl.
While set in Portland, Oregon the series are filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, which kind of translates through how the characters dress and how they act.

As I've said before I've got this obsession with people who wear the same thing twice, to me it's just 100% more natural than them NEVER ever doing so.I mean do you ever see 90210's Naomi, GG's Blair Waldorf wearing the same thing twice? Not everybody is rich and not everybody can switch it up to infinity so that's what I really like about the show is that they always bring things from the wardrobe back up. It's easier to relate to.

First off, Lux always wears some kind of coat, mac, jacket with it being always raining or really cold, I mean it's Canada there's not much to figure out.

3 essentials in Lux's closet are skinny jeans, large tee's and beanies. That girl must have like 300 beanies which I'm pretty much jealous of.

When looking for beanies always check out the guys section they have way more choices and most of the time are cheaper.

1. UGG Cable Slouch Beret
2. Alice Hannah Button Military Beanie
3. ASOS Oversized Slouch Beanie
4. Miss PomPom Oversize Beanie

Lux's style isn't very put together and stays natural, I dress pretty much like her minus the dresses (I wish). She always manages to add a tough piece to anything that might seem girly, which I like because it stays true to her persona.

To recreate Lux's style you definitely need to have cardigans.

1. Nastygal Studded Boyfriend Cardi
2. Nastygal Metallic Fair Isle Cardi

As I previously said Lux likes to break her sometimes girly style with tough elements like these biker looking boots, if not she'll wear mostly flats shoes like slip-on's and leather ballerinas.

Sunday, 28 November 2010


With the holidays coming up and the sales starting up I thought to make an article using only products (love the brand) since they're having free delivery WORLDWIDE for Christmas.

Anyways I selected 10 looks that would fit perfectly with the festivities. First off I have to admit I love giant structured dresses but you have to think: Is it practical? Can I sit in it? Can I eat in this? Yeah because we all know Christmas is about stuffing your face, drinking champagne, running around and dancing. You should always think about this when you buy anything or else it'll be useless.

1. ASOS Velvet Rushed Sleeved Dress
2. ASOS Velvet Embellished Bandeau Dress
3. ASOS Velvet Twist Body Con Dress

4. ASOS Faux Pearl Trim Trapeze Swing Dress
5. ASOS Knitted 60's Shift Dress
6. ASOS Peterpan Collar Jersey Dress

7. ASOS Embellished 60's Shift Dress
8. ASOS Feather Corset Dress

9. ASOS Heavy Drape and Fold Body Con
10. ASOS Cross Back Skater Dress

I love these dresses but I have to say my favourites are definitely n° 1, 4, and 7, I'm a big fan of colourful dresses but I admit black and dark colours are better to me . Black dresses can be used in lots of occasion unlike when you take a very remarkable dress like the Yellow one which will be easily noticed if used more than once.

Anyways I was going to add a selection of different blazers and cardigans that you should check out too but I won't because this post is a bit long.
Just remember you don't put a velvet blazer over a velvet dress, if you wear a black dress (or any dark colour) try to add an eye popping top/blazer/pair of tights ... to mix it up.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


For the non-British readers who might not know who Fearne is I picked this up from Wikipedia:
is a British television and radio known for presenting a number of popular TV programmes such as Top of the Pops.
As a kid living in England she was pretty much my Idol, before she came to Top of the Pops (which I also watched in France) she presented Fingertips a art show for kids which I was totally addicted to. Anyways since the 2000's her style has change a lot and now she dresses more like a grown up than before (she was in her early 20's). And she's pretty much become a British Icon with a casual yet put together style.

What I love about her style is that she's not afraid to re-use stuff she already has. I'm sorry but seeing celebrities never wear the same clothes twice is kind of stupid, the real variety is when you can use and abuse of your clothes without your outfits every being the same! That's style to me!

Going through early pictures of her I also noticed she uses lots of dark neutrals but always gives them a good twist with scarfs, hats, blazers...

She's also pretty edgy which I can relate to 100%

This kind of outfit really reminds me of Mischa Barton's style (they're friends) which I really like, it has a vintage feel to it.

All pictures from:

B O R I N G P.2

Thank you to the lovely readers who posted so many comments. It always makes my day when you do!

My friend Elena & I treated ourselves to some ice cold beverages after walking for what seemed like ages across the city to find a descent mall so we could do some window shopping.

To my own surprise I only took 2 pictures today I wasn't in the mood and it was starting to rain a little. Oh well maybe tomorrow!


I'm going with my friend to get her tattoo done this afternoon so hopefully I'll have something to blog about that IS consistent, I haven't used my camera so little in ages. Even when I was in school I bought it all the time with me!
Anyways to this I'll leave you with the splendour of my breakfast, a picture from last night's 5 hour power outage and The Pierces' song Boring to illustrate how I feel.

Friday, 26 November 2010

hot hot heat

It's so hot these days, 28°c today (82°f) and frankly I really hate it. I can't even nap since it's so hot! I need winter I know more than half of my family comes from a tropical island but ahh summer and the heat just aren't for me. My hair is all sticky and my internet is slow, my day couldn't be more boring.

I've been drinking water all day with cherries and strawberries. It's too hot to drink coke it's all sticky and I'm getting sick of the taste.

I've also been studying my Swedish it's fun and passes the time I've already gone to level 3 on and now I can introduce myself, yeah! I write like shit don't tell me I already know.

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Since it's summer here and my previous post was about Nordic countries (and their lack of sun in winter) I wanted to talk about tanning.

To me this is way too tan except if you're naturally darker.

First of all let me explain that I don't need to go to the solarium to tan, since I'm of mixed origins and part of my family is black tanning comes naturally when I get in the sun, and when I don't I look like a ghost. White as an aspirin.

Anyways I've seen lots of criticism towards Nordic girls and their fake tans (from sunbeds or spray), and let me say this I think it's pretty unfair. If you've ever been or even heard about Scandinavia in winter you'll know that it's tough not getting you necessary amount of sun.
I mean 40 minutes of sunshine when you're up north and 4 to 5 cloudy/snowy hours in the south?

As you might know sunshine gives you necessary vitamins and helps you feel better, that's why there are so many "lack of sun" related suicides up north! And so to me even if their tans look like shit and fake and all I kind of understand and feel sorry for them.
What I don't get is if you live in a sunny ass country like Argentina and you feel the need to go to the solarium when just walking outside gives you a tan.

Plus do people even consider the risks of tanning beds? You could get cancer people, and even less then that your skin will age much more quickly! You'll get freckles and tons of wrinkles, is it really worth it? Because last time I checked looking like a thanksgiving turkey wasn't "in".

Isabelle Strömberg a Swedish blogger famous for her fake tan. I actually like her and really wouldn't see her any other way. It's fake, I know but at least she lives up to it and bears it quite nicely.

At least Scandinavian girls have a reputation for being quite healthy (the vitamins they burn in the tanning beds are partly replaced by what they eat) and ageing gracefully but if that's not the case well you should be careful.
Also remember that Spray tan's have lots of toxins that clog your pores and make your skin "suffocate" to the point that if you don't tan it'll seem a little grey.

Personally I love sunshine, but since I suffer headaches when I'm overexposed I always have my blinds half closed and try to avoid standing under it, for fear I might get a heatstroke. So be careful when you head out in the sun this summer and don't abuse of tanning beds. But your mum probably already told you that.
Remember to always use sun protection even in tanning salons and UV filtering sunglasses! Better be safe than sorry!

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If I'm gonna jump in the snow I might as well go to sweden.

God Eftermiddag! these past few week's I've had on thing on my mind and that's getting the results for my final exams and getting accepted to university early (January instead of September or October). But as everything goes I've also been considering the possibility I might not get accepted, which really just scares me even if there is only a 10% chance of that.

So I've been surfing the web dreaming of going back to Sweden, Norway or Finland just for 6 months, eating Hareng (don't tell me it's not good), freezing my ass off, running half naked from he Sauna to the Lake. I've even downloaded an Ebook to start practising my Swedish (I don't care If I don't got I'm going to study languages anyways so it can't hurt).

To me Sweden, Norway and Finland are by far the most dreamy countries in the world, yeah I've been to lots of countries and I've seen lots of things but I have to say it always feels so amazing and unique when you go there. Of course they're not the most exotic countries and people don't look as different but they are polite, the views are amazing, the food is friggin' awesome and the culture is really rich.

Get me there!! I want the midnight sun, the northern lights, the shamrock yoghurt, the sunless winter, freezing lakes, stupid reindeer/moose trying to get under the car,
the cabin in the woods. I want it all! Of course there are lots of stereotypes that people can address to the Nordic population but I've seen the difference, and all my dreams about these 3 countries are founded not just out of movies and so on.

Hej då!

All images used are hearted here: pinblackhearts.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Kat Graham or Katerina is an American Actor, Singer, Record producer, Dancer and Model. You might know here as Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries.
I noticed Kat a bit before her VD days but it was mostly in minor roles and now I'm pretty happy she's in the limelight because her sense of style is quite inspirational I think!

What I've noticed about the way she dresses is that she doesn't give herself any limits, she's quite daring, but always stays classy.

She also always manages to make her looks seem effortless even when they are so eye popping!

She also give a lot of importance to jewellery and accessorizing which I love since I am too a big rings and shoulder pads fan. Plus she never puts too much, she keeps it simple but well arranged.

As for her make up she tends to use different colour smoky eyes and bright matt lipstick to stand out and compliment her skin.

Over all I'm really in love with Kat Graham who unlike her character Bonnie is amazingly well dressed (don't get me wrong Bonnie doesn't look like a hobo but she's way more dressed down in an Abercrombie and Fitch way which I don't really like) and gives so much energy through her style.

Just to finish check out her new song "Sassy". I'm telling you it's pretty good, even I don't listen to pop music but this kinda made my day!

All images from

It gets better, By PIXAR

I hope this video touches you as much as it did me, I actually cried because what these people are going through is so hard. And even though I'm not gay I would stand my ground any day for them because they deserve as much happiness as anyone. Love is unconditional and it should stay that way, undetermined by your sex, colour, religion, social condition, nothing. It should stay as simple as it is, between two people who can't get enough of each other.

Being bullied in school when I was younger taught me a lot of things, I'm not sure it made me a better person, maybe a bit (I admit I can be a bitch and not be kind to people who screw me over, because it's hard to forgive and forget) but at least it taught me to be stronger and trust myself first.

Because people are mean and they will never do you any gifts, but once in a while you'll meet that special person which will show you how much you're worth. That you're not a punching bag, a loser, a nobody.

I now know it's good to be different. It feels so right not to blend in. Learn from it.

Monday, 22 November 2010


For those who don't know I've been doing music for about 4 years now but only got into seriously recording last February.

Now every week I'm coming out with garage quality demo's that you can listen for free and soon (next week I think) I'll record HQ singles with a little help from my friends.

Check it out!

Listen to my new demo's for free on

Listen to my EP on my website

Or buy my EP "Dark Sunsets" on






Sunday, 21 November 2010

I'm the only eskimo, I'm the only one I know

Since I've been living in fantasyland and it's pretty cold there (worst than Canada) I've been feeling the need for a parka, really we're in the middle of summer in Argentina but whatever!