Friday, 22 October 2010

Total boredom, I've been spending the past 2 days thinking of ideas for a photo-shoot for my new single and though I'm so ready to do it I've got this total lazy feeling that keeps winning over me.

This week has been harsh, between only going to the useful classes like Philosophy, History or Literature and boosting myself to study at home the last thing I want to do is jump in front of a camera faking energy (maybe I could do sadness or stress?)

Anyways I'll leave you with a photo that illustrates a part of what I've been eating (don't worry I cannot starve myself for the love of food) & this healthy change is apparently working as even my mother who isn't used to telling me this said my face looked thinner! Whohooo.

By the way thank you my few lovely readers it's been amazing getting comments as I'm not used to it. Hopefully I'll show my face in a few if I manage a good photo-shoot & not to much photoshop.


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