Sunday, 7 November 2010

GINZA magazine

Amanda Saga Broberg by Takaki Kumada

What is Ginza?
It is known as an up-scale area of Tokyo with numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses. Ginza is recognized as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world. Many up-scale fashion clothing flagship stores are located here, being also recognized as having the highest concentration of western shops in Tokyo.
I visited the place in February 2009 when I went to Japan for the fist time. I think it was very impressive to me though I don't love Tokyo. I prefer Osaka since the second day there my parents had even let me wonder around and I managed to take the underground to Amerikamura (the American Village) on my own at night! It was pretty fantastic and I had never felt safer in a big city (except maybe for Kanazawa) on my own! People are so nice it's amazing!!

But enough about my trip this is about the magazine! I was really impressed when I came across it because it combines the perfect amount of Japanese and European style editorial. It's classy and well organized but also fun and has tons of images which I love unlike many magazines in the western world.

I mean I don't pay for the adverts I pay to see good clothes, combinations and then read a bit of consistent writing not quizzes about how I can seduce a guy in 10 easy steps! So here are a few snaps and I totally recommend you either buy it or download it online, it's worth every Gigabite!

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Pic n°1 from Google Images the rest is from a Japanese Magazine download website.

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