Sunday, 19 September 2010

straight edge cocktails

These past few days I've been trying to convince myself to go back on a diet but since we're only getting out of winter here, the cold and all that shit really isn't helping me stay out of the cookie jar.

So when I went to China Town the other day I made a move by buying myself a small bottle of Blueberry juice to try out the "benefits", and now I've been drinking it nearly 6 times a day without touching those cookies (except a piece of black chocolate I admit).

Here's how to make it:

  • Blueberry // Cranberry // Raspberry juice (natural or without sugar)
  • Half a lime // lemon
  • A few leafs of mint // basil
  • Soda water // San Peligrino // Tonic
Cut a few slices of lime put them in a glass, then add the mint leafs and crush them.
Pour a tablespoon full of the juice of your choice. Now just add the soda (the non sweet kind) and a few ice cubes and voila!

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