Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It gets better, By PIXAR

I hope this video touches you as much as it did me, I actually cried because what these people are going through is so hard. And even though I'm not gay I would stand my ground any day for them because they deserve as much happiness as anyone. Love is unconditional and it should stay that way, undetermined by your sex, colour, religion, social condition, nothing. It should stay as simple as it is, between two people who can't get enough of each other.

Being bullied in school when I was younger taught me a lot of things, I'm not sure it made me a better person, maybe a bit (I admit I can be a bitch and not be kind to people who screw me over, because it's hard to forgive and forget) but at least it taught me to be stronger and trust myself first.

Because people are mean and they will never do you any gifts, but once in a while you'll meet that special person which will show you how much you're worth. That you're not a punching bag, a loser, a nobody.

I now know it's good to be different. It feels so right not to blend in. Learn from it.

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