Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Kat Graham or Katerina is an American Actor, Singer, Record producer, Dancer and Model. You might know here as Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries.
I noticed Kat a bit before her VD days but it was mostly in minor roles and now I'm pretty happy she's in the limelight because her sense of style is quite inspirational I think!

What I've noticed about the way she dresses is that she doesn't give herself any limits, she's quite daring, but always stays classy.

She also always manages to make her looks seem effortless even when they are so eye popping!

She also give a lot of importance to jewellery and accessorizing which I love since I am too a big rings and shoulder pads fan. Plus she never puts too much, she keeps it simple but well arranged.

As for her make up she tends to use different colour smoky eyes and bright matt lipstick to stand out and compliment her skin.

Over all I'm really in love with Kat Graham who unlike her character Bonnie is amazingly well dressed (don't get me wrong Bonnie doesn't look like a hobo but she's way more dressed down in an Abercrombie and Fitch way which I don't really like) and gives so much energy through her style.

Just to finish check out her new song "Sassy". I'm telling you it's pretty good, even I don't listen to pop music but this kinda made my day!

All images from KaterinaGraham.org


    she looks sensational!
    i adore the bustier-top-thing and pants

  2. I love her style too. Always bold but chic. Love your blog, by the way. You have a good eye for stylish things :) Paris in Pink