Saturday, 27 November 2010


For the non-British readers who might not know who Fearne is I picked this up from Wikipedia:
is a British television and radio known for presenting a number of popular TV programmes such as Top of the Pops.
As a kid living in England she was pretty much my Idol, before she came to Top of the Pops (which I also watched in France) she presented Fingertips a art show for kids which I was totally addicted to. Anyways since the 2000's her style has change a lot and now she dresses more like a grown up than before (she was in her early 20's). And she's pretty much become a British Icon with a casual yet put together style.

What I love about her style is that she's not afraid to re-use stuff she already has. I'm sorry but seeing celebrities never wear the same clothes twice is kind of stupid, the real variety is when you can use and abuse of your clothes without your outfits every being the same! That's style to me!

Going through early pictures of her I also noticed she uses lots of dark neutrals but always gives them a good twist with scarfs, hats, blazers...

She's also pretty edgy which I can relate to 100%

This kind of outfit really reminds me of Mischa Barton's style (they're friends) which I really like, it has a vintage feel to it.

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