Monday, 29 November 2010


We all know Christmas time is about gifts but it's not all about us girls, it's also about the lads. If you personally think your boyfriend (brother or even you) could be a model with his gorgeous bone structure (or something) but unfortunately he dresses like a 50 year old man (and I don't mean it in the George Clooney way) this is for you!

If you've been checking out my previous selections you'll notice I didn't pay much attention to price but since this is for Christmas I will. So I'm going to give you a few ideas of what any of your male friends should incorporate into their closets this season, without spending too much but still looking dapper.
We'll just skip the T-Shirt, Cardigan and Jumper section because by now they should know how to wear these "essentials" (at least I hope so).

1. ASOS Bique Button Polo Shirt 20€
2. River Island Button Placket Polo Shirt 22€

Polo shirts are probably the most common Christmas gift for guys (or maybe it's wallets and video games). Here are a 3 things to pay attention to when shopping for Polo: the tightness around the arms, the shoulder length, the chest length. Because if your guy has muscles all these 3 might not be right. REMEMBER never let him put the collar up or else he'll just seem like an idiot or a douche bag. Who want's that?

1. ASOS Square Collar Slim Fit Shirt 22.50€
2. ASOS Slim Fit Shirt 22.50€

4. ASOS Laundered Check Shirt 31€
5. Jack & Jones Golden Shirt 31€

When looking for shirts try to avoid the ones with big front pockets (unless it's for plaid shirts) because they tend look like something your dad would wear. And double check for the size (arms and chest).

1. ASOS Acid Wash Jogger 37€
2. ASOS Skinny Fit Carrot Jeans 45€
If your boy is the kind to love the baggies or really low low (I can see your underwear) kind of pants this is for them. It gives them the comfort without being indecent! I personally love "Carrot" pants because they look great (only for men or girls with no ass like me) without too much effort and can be either casual or dressy (with a shirt and a blazer). The fact of the matter is that it's not easy to choose a pair of jeans for someone else and this option is safer for the sizing.

1. ASOS Baseball Hooded Jacket 45€
2. ASOS Baseball Hooded Jacket 50€

One last element that's just a plus and a personal favourite are baseball jackets but in a way they only seem suitable in Europe as they don't have the jock connotation that come with them unlike in the states.

These options might not suit everybody so I'll probably do another post later on this month or the next with a different line of clothes. But I hope these options were useful and cheap enough.

You might wonder why I always use well it's probably because it's the easiest site to search, the design is simple and there aren't any adds which I love. So if you do buy something remember all ASOS brand products have a 20% reduction with the code ASOS20 when you check out!

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