Monday, 29 November 2010


Lux Cassidy played by Britt Robertson is the main character of the CW's new show Life Unexpected.
I've been watching this since it came out and really I have to say it's the most original show the CW has to offer. The characters are fun, alternative and seem way more natural that 90210's or Gossip Girl.
While set in Portland, Oregon the series are filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, which kind of translates through how the characters dress and how they act.

As I've said before I've got this obsession with people who wear the same thing twice, to me it's just 100% more natural than them NEVER ever doing so.I mean do you ever see 90210's Naomi, GG's Blair Waldorf wearing the same thing twice? Not everybody is rich and not everybody can switch it up to infinity so that's what I really like about the show is that they always bring things from the wardrobe back up. It's easier to relate to.

First off, Lux always wears some kind of coat, mac, jacket with it being always raining or really cold, I mean it's Canada there's not much to figure out.

3 essentials in Lux's closet are skinny jeans, large tee's and beanies. That girl must have like 300 beanies which I'm pretty much jealous of.

When looking for beanies always check out the guys section they have way more choices and most of the time are cheaper.

1. UGG Cable Slouch Beret
2. Alice Hannah Button Military Beanie
3. ASOS Oversized Slouch Beanie
4. Miss PomPom Oversize Beanie

Lux's style isn't very put together and stays natural, I dress pretty much like her minus the dresses (I wish). She always manages to add a tough piece to anything that might seem girly, which I like because it stays true to her persona.

To recreate Lux's style you definitely need to have cardigans.

1. Nastygal Studded Boyfriend Cardi
2. Nastygal Metallic Fair Isle Cardi

As I previously said Lux likes to break her sometimes girly style with tough elements like these biker looking boots, if not she'll wear mostly flats shoes like slip-on's and leather ballerinas.

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  1. i looove her style
    it is wearable, if that mkaes sense