Thursday, 2 December 2010

ANTM: Ann Ward

First of let me say that I've never really liked America's Next Top Model because the models always look too commercial and cheap but this year I'm so happy because finally a real model looking girl won!! Ann Ward, she is so easy to relate to, though fragile, I think she is the one who deserved to wind the most.

Rhianna Atwood and Ann Ward my favourite models in the Competition.

With a controversial of 1m88 and an extremely natural thin body she was pretty awkward the whole way to the top. But the judges (and me too!) were really impressed because she could take stunning pictures!

Chelsea and Ann by Patrick Demarchelier

Ann Ward by Matthew Rolston

Anyways I'm so happy Ann won she deserves it! Because you have to admit she is strangely really beautiful! I wouldn't even recognise her in this picture.

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