Thursday, 2 December 2010

MUSIC: Recording the single

Today I recorded a new single but this time professionally and not in my parents bedroom with only my guitar and voice. I got help from 2 friends Fede and Manu to play the guitar, bass and drums for the track.

The song is named Rewind and is kind of different because this one explains how I'm trying to make up for everything I've ever done wrong. It's a heartfelt song but unlike my previous stuff I wanted it to be way more powerful with a good rock beat not some half country/indie pop honky tonk about how I got my heart broken.

Anyways the single will probably be out by the beginning of February because by then I'll have settled down at College and will have passed my entrance exams.

So here are the pictures, to listen to more of my stuff check out:

Fede & Manu, muchas gracias chicos!!!

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