Thursday, 16 December 2010

ASOS buys

I decided on giving myself (well having my parents buy me something) a little Xmas gift.
I'd been shopping for a new pair of jeans in Buenos Aires and really wanted to get the Levi's CURVE ID as an investment piece ($68 is expensive for jeans I think) but when I came to our local store they were about $130 for the EXACT same piece!
I was totally gutted and so turned my attention to Jeggings, which are supposed to be cheaper so if they don't last it won't be too bad.
But when I went to the store again to check some out they were TWICE the price of the ones I saw online!
So now I'm just going to buy my stuff on ASOS, at least if it doesn't fit I have 30 days to return them! And get my money back! I also bought myself a cute cardigan since I still don't own one and I'll be arriving in the middle of winter in Europe!

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