Thursday, 25 November 2010

If I'm gonna jump in the snow I might as well go to sweden.

God Eftermiddag! these past few week's I've had on thing on my mind and that's getting the results for my final exams and getting accepted to university early (January instead of September or October). But as everything goes I've also been considering the possibility I might not get accepted, which really just scares me even if there is only a 10% chance of that.

So I've been surfing the web dreaming of going back to Sweden, Norway or Finland just for 6 months, eating Hareng (don't tell me it's not good), freezing my ass off, running half naked from he Sauna to the Lake. I've even downloaded an Ebook to start practising my Swedish (I don't care If I don't got I'm going to study languages anyways so it can't hurt).

To me Sweden, Norway and Finland are by far the most dreamy countries in the world, yeah I've been to lots of countries and I've seen lots of things but I have to say it always feels so amazing and unique when you go there. Of course they're not the most exotic countries and people don't look as different but they are polite, the views are amazing, the food is friggin' awesome and the culture is really rich.

Get me there!! I want the midnight sun, the northern lights, the shamrock yoghurt, the sunless winter, freezing lakes, stupid reindeer/moose trying to get under the car,
the cabin in the woods. I want it all! Of course there are lots of stereotypes that people can address to the Nordic population but I've seen the difference, and all my dreams about these 3 countries are founded not just out of movies and so on.

Hej då!

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