Thursday, 25 November 2010


Since it's summer here and my previous post was about Nordic countries (and their lack of sun in winter) I wanted to talk about tanning.

To me this is way too tan except if you're naturally darker.

First of all let me explain that I don't need to go to the solarium to tan, since I'm of mixed origins and part of my family is black tanning comes naturally when I get in the sun, and when I don't I look like a ghost. White as an aspirin.

Anyways I've seen lots of criticism towards Nordic girls and their fake tans (from sunbeds or spray), and let me say this I think it's pretty unfair. If you've ever been or even heard about Scandinavia in winter you'll know that it's tough not getting you necessary amount of sun.
I mean 40 minutes of sunshine when you're up north and 4 to 5 cloudy/snowy hours in the south?

As you might know sunshine gives you necessary vitamins and helps you feel better, that's why there are so many "lack of sun" related suicides up north! And so to me even if their tans look like shit and fake and all I kind of understand and feel sorry for them.
What I don't get is if you live in a sunny ass country like Argentina and you feel the need to go to the solarium when just walking outside gives you a tan.

Plus do people even consider the risks of tanning beds? You could get cancer people, and even less then that your skin will age much more quickly! You'll get freckles and tons of wrinkles, is it really worth it? Because last time I checked looking like a thanksgiving turkey wasn't "in".

Isabelle Strömberg a Swedish blogger famous for her fake tan. I actually like her and really wouldn't see her any other way. It's fake, I know but at least she lives up to it and bears it quite nicely.

At least Scandinavian girls have a reputation for being quite healthy (the vitamins they burn in the tanning beds are partly replaced by what they eat) and ageing gracefully but if that's not the case well you should be careful.
Also remember that Spray tan's have lots of toxins that clog your pores and make your skin "suffocate" to the point that if you don't tan it'll seem a little grey.

Personally I love sunshine, but since I suffer headaches when I'm overexposed I always have my blinds half closed and try to avoid standing under it, for fear I might get a heatstroke. So be careful when you head out in the sun this summer and don't abuse of tanning beds. But your mum probably already told you that.
Remember to always use sun protection even in tanning salons and UV filtering sunglasses! Better be safe than sorry!

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